October News


Welcome fall. Warm sweaters, hot cider, falling leaves and of course the bane of my store HALLOWEEN.  Halloween decor and costumes are so random and hard to sort or keep organized. Some areas of the store look like a autumn bomb went off.  On the up side we have a large selection of costumes.

We will have our monthly BAG SALE this coming Saturday the 3rd of October. OPEN 11-5 We provide the bag- you fill it full of treasures all for 13$


Seniors Day is still going strong every Thursday

All those beauties 55+ receive 50% off everything in the store


The store will be CLOSED for the Thanks Giving weekend closed Saturday the 10th, OPEN again on Tuesday the 13th.




we are so thrilled to be able to start a new year with you all. I am amazed that in the 6 1/2 years we have been open it is more about the community than the business. Yes , I love my store but I love you all more. We had a great break through the Christmas holidays.  Lot of memories made, games played, sleep caught up on, food ate…. I look forward to this year with you ~ we open again today 11-5

note there is NO bag sale in January… next is the first Saturday in February, the 7th




Long Weekend

We are open Friday until 6 and then CLOSED for the LONGGGG weekend. 

We will be OPEN again on Tuesday at 11


While we are closed we ask you kindly to PLEASE DO NOT leave donations out side the store.

(this is due to vandalism, peed  in, pooped on, set on fire, thrown everywhere….)