Seniors Day

Thursdays are the day that we celebrate the seniors of our community by offering 50% off everything in the store to those 55+
open 11-5

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August Update

Family holiday are starting for us this week and that means that I will not be posting until we return at the end of August.  Reader digest version of what you need to know about the goings on at the store in the next 3 weeks…


We are CLOSED for the long weekend as of this coming Friday the 31st at 5, OPEN again on Tuesday the 4th at 11.


Our GIANT bag sale is going to be Saturday the 8th from 11-5


Every Thursday is SENIORS day. All those 55+ get a whopping 50% off their purchase.

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Saturday are FREE book day. Read-read-read!

free-books450have a great time without us, we can swap summer adventure stories when we return.


July 4th GIANT bag Sale

hello ya`ll and happy Independence Day to those American friends. We will celebrate your special day by having our monthly bag sale. Held on the 1st Saturday of the month we go a little crazy and give you a clear lawn bag and you get to cram it full of treasures.

big-sale2CLOTHES SHOES TOYS BEDDING BOOKS LINEN PURSES BAGS and so much more. $13 tax included

open 11-5

Seniors Day Thursday

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Canada day. It is our seniors day once again.

Every Thursday we celebrate our seniors by offering 50% off to those 55+

images (2)open 11-5

Note: Saturday the 4th is our GIANT bag sale


Happy Canada Day!



we will be CLOSED tomorrow for CANADA day. See you Thursday @11 for Seniors day (all those 55+ receive 50% off)


This coming Saturday is BAG SALE

we provide the GIANT bag~ you CRAM it, STUFF it, JAM it full of clothes, shoes, toys, crafts, bedding, books, puzzles, games, bedding, linen, purses, and so much more all for $13 (tax included)


Seniors Day

Every Thursday is our seniors day. All those lovely people 55+ will receive 50 % off their entire purchase.


Happy Victoria Day! (May-Long)

MLW_LOGO_paint--300-1Up here in the north we call it May long, I don’t know if I knew it was Victoria day until I was an adult.  History lesson to follow…

Origins:  This holiday is named after the British monarch who gave royal assent to Confederation. Queen Victoria, who reigned over Great Britain, was born on May 24, 1819. She enjoyed the longest reign in British history, ascending the throne in 1837 and ruling until 1901—a period of over 62 years!

Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honours Queen Victoria’s birthday. In Quebec this holiday is called “National Patriotes Day” (Journée nationale des patriotes).

Victoria Day is also commonly referred to as the “May two-four weekend” or the “May long weekend” and it marks the unofficial start of the cottage season where cases of beer* are consumed by hard working Canadians. That’s what we heard anyway. Or maybe it’s called May two-four because May 24, 1819 is Queen Victoria’s birthday 🙂

We will be CLOSED from Saturday through Monday

OPEN on Tuesday at 11


Seniors Day

Today is THURSDAY and Thursdays are Seniors day where we offer every senior 55+ a 50% discount!
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Just Hanging Around….UpCyCLeD Friday.

Nothing says summer fun like a backyard swing. Growing up we had a tire swing in our front tree in Lillooet, out in Seton Portage at Grandma & Papa’s was a wooden swing we rigged up, but the best one was the one over the creek that I was never quite old enough to do all that the big kids did. These are some new takes on an old favorite summer past time.
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March Bag Sale

open 11-5 ~ We give you a very large clear lawn bag & you stuff it full of CLOTHES SHOES – TOYS – BEDDING – BOOKS – PUZZLES – GAMES – CRAFTS – BOOTS – COATS – CD’s – SHOES and so much more. All for $13 (tax included)1360945045_6154_bag