New Life For Old China ~ UpCyCLeD Friday

Most of you would not know that I have a tea cup collection. It started small and then took on a life of its own so I had to STOP. It is funny how when family knows that you collect something that is what you get for every occasion. I love vintage dishes, the look, the feel, the delecacy of a time gone by. Here are some great ideas to bring back the use of old china in our everyday. Have fun. All these ideas were found on Pinterest and can be found on our boards at

February Bag Sale

Get ready because tomorrow is our BIG – GIGANTIC – HUGE – MEGA sale. Not only are we a full month overstocked but because we could not have it last week due to the snow storm we are better prepared to give you and even better sale. We provide the lawn bag and you stuff it full for $13. Saturday 11-5

(If you are looking to avoid the craziness today is the day for our best selection)

Be My Valentine (UpCyCLeD Friday)

Here are some pretty sugary sweet sweetheart ideas to heat up your honeys heart.

Happy Valentines. 0dd405073b935f314ca1a973f95c3ab4 1e763d40be36e7a8049c20bc928795f2 2ea24feaac45bc132bcb18c69bb89f47 5a02975bcedbb38045040bbd09996a88 5bca044b5880be33497745463086dba2 5e3b88380ddb39e87514c32718a81672 7b85b5df9dc3d55fd586da8d39e21950 8cf5a3df7b1b52670db1a78278e9b565 9d6475185de986e699025874c92e7b9d 182ff0324b86775671a725c900b67b40 9580ea8a33b8308f77924914d7ba3370 687064fc2dde2b9768d0f28699b2fc30 5715190c54ec984938d1f9f7ecb860e8

CLOSED due to CRAZY winter Storm

We are sad to say that we have had to CLOSED  for the weekend because of this snow madness!


We will postpone the bag sale until the 14th of February! Stay warm, Stay safe and we will see you on Tuesday.

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Thursday is Seniors Day

Happy seniors day again!!! Every Thursday we celebrate seniors 55+ with 50% off everything in the store. OPEN 11-5

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Here are some fun Canadian census facts (2011)
*The number of seniors aged 65 and over increased 14.1% between 2006 and 2011 to nearly 5 million. This rate of growth was higher than that of children aged 14 and under (0.5%) and people aged 15 to 64 (5.7%).
*In 2011, census data showed for the first time that there were more people aged 55 to 64, typically the age group where people leave the labour force, than aged 15 to 24, typically the age group where people enter it.
*Among the working-age population, 42.4% were in the age group 45 to 64, a record high proportion.

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January the Month to De-junk

FYI January rivals the spring garage sale rush for donations. That means that we get way more donations at the beginning of January than most other months. Why is that? My guess would be New Year’s resolutions to de-clutter, to get fit, get active, to play board games, to read more tend to have people cleaning up and cleaning out… Whatever it may be we are encouraging you to stick with it.



We have done a clean sweep of the store over the holidays are are excited for what the new year will bring. We have a HUGE selection of winter boots, coats, clothes, hockey gear, high vis rain gear, steel toed work boots… Come and check it out. OPEN Monday to Saturday 11-5



we are so thrilled to be able to start a new year with you all. I am amazed that in the 6 1/2 years we have been open it is more about the community than the business. Yes , I love my store but I love you all more. We had a great break through the Christmas holidays.  Lot of memories made, games played, sleep caught up on, food ate…. I look forward to this year with you ~ we open again today 11-5

note there is NO bag sale in January… next is the first Saturday in February, the 7th




December GIANT BAG sale


winter-sale-treeToday is our Giant Bag  Sale.

We provide the bag & you
fill it
cram it
stuff it
with all the clothes, coats, crafts, games, purses, linen, shoes, books and toys you can! – All for just 13 bucks! (tax included)
* we do restock the racks of clothes all day long:)
no bag sale in January
Bag sale does not include Christmas decor

Entertain Yourself (UpCyCLeD Friday)

Kitimat is having a furniture swap at the Humane society this Saturday, which inspired my creative juices for upcycle. I love the bold colours & creativity taking an old outdated side hutch or entertainment unit and vamping it up!0c855664e7d866cadfb921945b535dfe 0eca2e621bebb8688cb25dcd4a09e8f0 1aaaaa0059a9c6aae37dc7dab2d20edc 2fc6e08708efabb7da5f62e9e78cc4af 5mr6d5321c8f4f3100 06a71cab0d987d1f8b0bb6f729d1a5ff 6a513dc22fb2960bea15079630f29f06 6ff2c43432745c78a2922dc63b3cb0f4 6tikl5321ca04338e5 7aee21289022e2e766ac6b1b7f43fffc 7f3d816a1ad3561e1b4b8f9a1cb15c80 7ffba376871b74beac091665ec494927 8d6e4481fa1f14fef2042ec6f96a286a 8eb1efc961ea92418895fad69d330058 20ac2ec5f49c92a19004b49805751204 38af56bbb1f99aaa82184dcc0c5010d6 76d79f609afa8ed86f3034c061e53e27 77b64f26aad319b84df1bde1e6640ced 0131deeeb34b069cc0d0f3909ddfb91b 170bf2e6a9153f7bbcedb0ba89c5ce17 220f22e483620e5b841e77a9e3b094e9 488bdc0cb7011d1ad7451ccd2398141b 572e002f7543ea37a5e2ce37f67b4c9a 950e3475e1a89e921109457d62756391 978dfacb6e50d8b67ccb53de4bb06bbf 1560daa9c99f5d097be388cee21161ff 785991ce71e9b265779269e891a8fe42 4559322c401e97b2770cbc034214386e a0924c60b0b4719fcad6acb6a9e3438d ac3a2cf18f1fdcc6740e79844b240cbf ac07252cdeb6cd3d72b74ff7d1f584a4 b07d21bab49d3cf5b1ac3fb0c53d3e08 b55d20e7817cc02796d0330ecd0661e4 b2259025fefc020e9a8023600da916a0 (1) b2259025fefc020e9a8023600da916a0 c3f7b0cdeab8d014cadee0eabe6cb10b ca47f9098b3df121fe823d8391c9368d cfcadddb782829f041415b1625b2bafd d8b261fa9c76f2ecffcd8399beabfe1d d2191d16388e5b371c007fb0caa0db25 db576ec271b17f8cd16ba678fdd926d2 dde7e291420cf2626324534ea9afa198 deb1de3baa907e96c6233f1a632dcb2a e3c17cf85408b9f76a402ebc752ae2d7 e5a472588ed3fa1454071ca417f368b7 e29e07a1d17c9e243d822bc3ea99aa8d e73c333d249ebec8a93e8b8e9ef11ec3 e91eda5f47ef496912968a7f1056ef16 f0f5f76e6a929999f86daaed6120e811 f80ab975a01b8302d8205148a4e36e5e f384305b768c67943d26c6d66bdb8fb9

A Serving Of Silver ~ UpCyCLeD Friday


Shifting gears from Halloween today into projects to make for Christmas. Serving trays were a must back in the day but now they just clutter the cupboards and my store shelves. Here are some great remakes of a classic household staple. Pinterest is my ESCAPE to the rain 🙂 2cca86f7e98aa0444fb9009e98b203aa 3d7a8143f44fbb06203d5bfdb45a442d 4a44646d58552a1ca14b3d9924858f11 5a349ffbe93eb30067eb10513ca2ac77 5a996f91a4629e90076349b152880cc0 6f1c639f2f8d5852263e55ec1bba08ad 7f1d5624761b4a652614031e54aecb0d 8e9fcb5d024d2802ea9de6564a452ad1 8fd67693cc3ec1d759e2d7b610819268 54da5fd3671f91be7a7635dec6836e83 55a0793584e828db028dac8d5352527b 84b680a4dd63963a9327e6355aa5a2c9 149b05ca55d448415cfb765670efd3ab 203aa01bfbe1d6b249e5b635f2195137 436f5b17ba219b38e2a81b50af6e1ee6 813e3329dd2dfd76ee427dfe6cd41964 3504f3a0e05a5ad035d48ea3ddb93eda 7247abb826c74b9620a489aa87c92efb 92765d815ec76d721db2ad94254603bb 4364203a573b7c5bb3fc75e3ae359c3a 98816561e586a0af9f6b532ed50b00ba a049ccd01afa4fa8d229913b0430794d a18152da364a3e947975531694834d8e aa47f80f7a7af6176e20cdd8429c2a72 b27edfc31357d5a2b059868b915b3b09 c7c90023faa9f4d78e990c64251bd788 e6eb3071ec18862ffa605aafac240111 e53d2d5cd2b244df65065380daf02fe4 eb250ead5bd92e537f27ef856fd9ccb8 ecf7d4e6d4b9cd7ee3fb14a7291bef16 f7f3b5e9d069c60beae6c6155254e0b8 f75b98e66946406499cb6111debb7c58 f1325b9e7e551fef0cbe46cb500e580e fb62f5ac9c6fcf7f238c5deaaf4bfee4 fcca129942436447776879f8b9eb2adf