November 1st Bag Sale


Tomorrow is our GIANT BAG SALE!!!

We give you a large lawn bag and you fill it with clothes, shoes, toys,books, bedding and so much more!! All for $13 tax included.

OPEN 11-5

Happy Thanksgiving


We are CLOSED for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We will be OPEN again on Tuesday the 14th thanks giving

Monday’s Fresh Start

I have said many times I love Mondays~ a fresh week, a reset day. This week I am getting back on track (really I am)! Chore charts are back effect, schedules and routines all starting with me. The more in control and organized I am, the smoother this home will run. It is MUCH easier to get this accomplished with the hubby out hunting with our boy for the week. It has been 2 MONTHS on Saturday since I have been at work, I am looking forward to going back to the job I love and when I do I want our home to be ready for the smooth transition. There have been 6 long months of neglect have built up around here. Summer is an easy time to let things slide, enjoy the sun and do it later. If later is never planned to be dealt with, the jobs never get done. It is overwhelming on the whole… I am sure that there are troll hoarders living in my basement because I have not been down there in 3 months and it looks like a BOMB went off. (they do love their Barbies & Hunting)
Today’s tasks… personal schedule, chore charts & Octobers goal/job list. A little bit everyday, doing what I can, when I can.


UpCyCled BiCyCleS

Is that old bike ready to reTIRE?  He are some great way to upcycle that old bicycle, a new life for an old bike.2f69ab401ab5829b93ba4a90c692c5d3 4e5291ef17540e246e6f9c16335fc84b 07fbd69a7685ac2c94727c6d00eb8501 7da04e8505ed43009dc6be5da6debd91 8a172910b49b0ac26b0af800140995ed 9d7d0d4adb128997e348aa1d563c2233 19e18fca190be0e85d1118c419b0de7e 31f84da7a2467992de35ddeaa971e17c 85cac841c2ea986670bee88a280489ee 487c87a466c3ce6bd6b4aa3f6c80ae87 13671d3363063a13f424ddc055f3543e 72924ff10551ea340cbba5f4d5b1395a 57989866dd2151952c7a60d986d0a0ee 851393827a5d736a6f9525e7df784c09 ad0727ce4a085172bcf4cd9a32845e6a b7ed8411abd17084f66a198717921a30 c3616d25e05e3a0d0ca6cd46d4ec5720 c6060f9031a375e5624a2fc63c229a70 cc7b478c986d24efe9dda3ce19778c7f cd570765a3073bf9bc6755d35d06b42c cf2cbf865db18fac6c771d32cfa65981 d9f48d7992a641a77dac26a0d2fd7654 d22798cda7a16f5fa9a0a144029b9d85 e46a1592bdd3478d90fecc7b4996724f f4b41b9579da763f113ee9fae24df6c1 f3733f849f0ccd2ebeec1e790615d161 f46643f46553414286057a90e990a288 faf9fe29631ea8c5c73db02c185d406d


August Long Weekend

Another summer long weekend is upon us. We will be CLOSED from Saturday August 2nd through Monday August 4th.

We will OPEN Tuesday August 5th

Giant BAG SALE Saturday August 9th

Whistler_CampingEnjoy the summer sun! We will see you soon.
Due to vandalism we kindly ask that while we are closed PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF DONATIONS.  (They tend to be peed in, set on fire, thrown in the field or on the roof…)

Road Map To Fun! (uPcYcLeD Friday)

Maps and I have a long time love affair… A good map is a great thing. This makes me love them even more! You can keep your google maps, I like the real thing! All these ideas can be found on Pintrest an on the store page

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My store is in God’s hands

Prayer-Hands-God-ADThis is an interesting week for us. We are still in limbo about weather or not we have a building to rent for the upcoming year and at what cost that year would be. Your prayers in regard to this matter would be greatly valued. I believe in what we do, I believe there is a great need with in the community for a place to donate to and an alternate place to shop from…. (side note: on the 15th of July we celebrated our 6th year open!)

Thursdays are Seniors Day

Every Thursday from 11-5 is seniors day. For all you wonderful people 55+ will receive 50% off your purchase.


Seniors Day!

Thursday is seniors day at What’s In Store? Thrift Shop

55+ receive 50% off every Thursday from 11-5


Fridays upcycled RaNdoMnEss

I had no theme today so I went with what struck my fancy. Being able to see and think outside the box is what draws me into upcycling, a new life in something old. I love Pintrest for the creativity it shares, it is like a magazine full of ideas that never ends.


would make great side tables


I should have been saving my pennies for YEARS to do this, $1.44 sq ft….


Do you even know how many old dingy filing cabinet would have been given a new life if I had seen this years ago. WOW


It feels like Paris… I do not dust so this would not work for me but it is very cool


What can I say, dinner time? (this one is not for me but it was funky junk)


Oh if only I was handy. These necklaces are made from broken china, stunning!


a crib rail turned sideways with “S” hooks, SMART!


old drawer given new paint and a new life


you could give them away when you went to potlucks. Spray paint gives so many colour options these days


Upcycled book safe. My kids are going to make these over the summer




I love that everything is off the floor for cleaning, it looks pretty and is very functional


I don’t think that these are real scrabble tiles but they could be


old phone book


I am going to implement this in every bathroom in my house!


such a funky ideas, Happy Friday~