We accept almost everything from clothes to dishes to stereos, toys to books… if you are unsure give us a call.

No thanks!

 We however DO NOT ever accept at anytime:

  • broken or chipped glassware and dishes,
  • microwaves,
  • tube tvs,
  • typewriters,
  • dirty clothing,
  • coats with broken zippers,
  • odd socks,
  • computer monitors, scanners, and printers, TV’s
  • or encyclopedias, (Including hardcover books sets- i.e. children’s encyclopedias, TIME life series sets)

Thank you for your cooperation. Bottle Depot, K.U.T.E.  and U.R. Stewards are great community resources that are able to accept a wide variety of these types of items. Please utilize these services so that these items do not end up in our landfill.

Drop offs

Donation drop offs are accepted throughout business hours. Due to vandalism we kindly ask you NOT to leave donations on the side of the building after store hours.