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Happy Victoria Day! (May-Long)

Up here in the north we call it May long, I don’t know if I knew it was Victoria day until I was an adult.  History lesson to follow… Origins:  This holiday is named after the British monarch who gave royal assent to Confederation. Queen Victoria, who reigned over Great Britain, was born on May 24, 1819. […]

Seniors Day

Today is THURSDAY and Thursdays are Seniors day where we offer every senior 55+ a 50% discount! Open 11-5 Tweet


Just Hanging Around….UpCyCLeD Friday.

Nothing says summer fun like a backyard swing. Growing up we had a tire swing in our front tree in Lillooet, out in Seton Portage at Grandma & Papa’s was a wooden swing we rigged up, but the best one was the one over the creek that I was never quite old enough to do […]